WattSmart 750W Power Supply

Posted on March 27, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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Features & Specifications

The EPSPOW750PRO achieves 80% energy efficiency or greater at 20%, 50%, and 100% load. This is primarily due to the Active Power Factory Correction, which improves voltage stability. Despite being a powerful unit, it provides environmentally friendly power usage. The unit meets the 80PLUS certification standard for higher efficiency power supplies. 80% efficiency refers to the feature that 80% of the power the unit draws from the power grid is turned into usable power. Or in mathematical terms, DC Watts divided by AC Watts.

As we mentioned previously, the EPSPOW750PRO has Quad 12v rails, providing dedicated voltage outputs. The unit has a total of four 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors, but this isn't necessarily meant to power a Quad-SLI system. These are provided so no single rail overdraws on power. The EPSPOW750PRO is, however, fully SLI capable.

The EPSPOW750PRO's enclosure is nickel-plated, giving it an anti-corrosive shell for all those dangerous lab experiments we're sure our readers put their rigs through. And as we mentioned earlier, the cables are sleeved in a nylon mesh for better neatness and airflow.

To get a better idea of unit's features, here's a list of the technical specifications:

Item Details
Connectors 1x 20/24 pin ATX
1x 8-pin EPS Power Connector
4x 6-pin PCI-Express Power Connector
1x 4-pin ATX P4 Power Female Connector
6x SATA Power Connector
6x 4-pin Molex Connector
2x Floppy Connector
Efficiency Rating >80% at full load
EMI/RFI Built-in EMI filter and low ripple noise
Fans 2x Dual ball bearing
Product Height 3.39 inches (86mm)
Product Length 7.48 inches (190mm)
Input Current 15A @ 115V / 7.5A @ 230V
Input Voltage Frequency 50~60Hz
MTBF 100,000 hours @ 25°C
Operating Temperature 0~30 degrees C @ Full load
40 degrees C @ 90% load
50 degrees C @ 80% load
Output Power 850W
Power Factor Correction Active
Catron Quantity 6
Storage Temperature -20 degrees to 80 degrees C
Peak Output 930W

Now that I've covered the important features and technical specifications of the unit, it's time to put this behemoth in to a case and wire it up to to our test system.

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