WattSmart 750W Power Supply

Posted on March 27, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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Initially, I attempted to install the EPSPOW750PRO in my Thermaltake Armor Jr. case, but it proved impractical. Without removing both the CPU heatsink and all of my 5.25" drives, the power supply simply wasn't going to fit. Instead, I opted for an empty case to which I could transfer other components.

The power supply mounted to the rear of the case without an issue. There's also an extra slots near the front of the power supply (where the cables come out) that give you the ability to secure the power supply against the top of the case. This wasn't a big issue with me, so I let them be.

Even with a reasonably-sized mid-tower, the power cables are much longer than the case. Once all the components are installed, I'm going to tuck the extra cables away in the empty 5.25" drive bays, out of sight.

The various connectors worked without an issue. I found the 20/24-pin motherboard connector a little odd, as it's actually two separate pieces. Otherwise, the inside of the case looked fairly clean after everything was installed.

Next, let's look at the power supply's performance.

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