NorthQ Black Magic Flex 850W PSU

Posted on September 7, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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With the ever-increasing amount of components inside PCs, it's important to have a capable power supply in the system. SLI and CrossFire can add an additional tax on power supplies, rendering even yesterday's 500W power supplies worthless in today's high-end systems.

NorthQ sent me the Black Magic Flex 850W power supply to satisfy my power-hungry CrossFire system. Tthe Black Magic promises to stand up to my power requirements and do so quietly with a 135mm fan. The Black Magic also features a modular connection system, allowing me to only use the cables I really need.

Despite these features, I plan to investigate on whether or not the unit can provide me with a stable system with power to spare. I'm also curious to see how well the 135mm fan performs.


The front and back of the box are the same, which is an odd thing when it comes to computer hardware. Regardless, the front and back both display a picture of the unit with no cables hooked up. On the right side of the box are the unit's major features.

Opening the box, I found a block of foam inside. Of course, the Black Magic was held inside. Again, this is also different for computer component packaging, but I don't see it posing a problem to the unit's safety.

After looking at's 750W power supply, I was expecting the Black Magic to be a little bigger than it actually was. With its size, I think I'd be able to squeez it into a MicroFly case. Sadly, I can't fit CrossFire into such a case.

All the wires were connected to the power supply when I unpackaged it, and holy connectors, Bat Man! I don't know if I could dig up a case to fit the amount of hardware NorthQ is trying to power here.

A panel on the unit connects to all the modular components, so there's not need to worry about something not fitting somewhere else. It's very uniform.

The back of the Black Magic is primarily mesh, with the important ON/OFF switch, three-prong AC connection, and mounting holes. Interesting to note is the lack of a 115v/240v switch. Many new power supplies have the ability to switch between the two major voltages without the use of a switch.

Before installing the unit, let's look at the Black Magic's features and specifications.

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