QNAP TS-409U Turbo NAS

Posted on July 15, 2008
Author: Sean Potter
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One of the most impressive features about the QNAP TS-409U Turbo NAS is the shear amount of features stuffed into this little box. From webserver to fileserver, to iTunes server, to NFS server, the possibilities are endless with the new TS-409U. This feature list is taken from QNAP's product page for the TS-409U with a few of my own additions.

  • High performance and advanced RAID redundancy
  • Advanced RAID Management with How-swap Design
  • Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration
  • Multi-functional All-in-one NAS Server
  • A solution for present and future
  • Easy setup and low maintenance cost
  • Sharing files across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix
  • Secure data storage, access, and sharing
    • Data stored on TS-409U is well protected: You can create user ID and password, and define the authority and quota of each user.
    • IP filter control: You can allow or deny specified IP connections to TS-409U.
    • SSL Security (HTTPS): TS-409U can be accessed and configured by web browser securely.
    • Remote login your TS-409U by SSH (secure shell) or Telnet connection.
    • Secure FTP: Share and transfer your data over SSL/TLS (Explicit) encryption. Passive FTP port range setup is also supported.
    • Smart FTP policy control: The maximum number of all FTP connections and a single account can be configured.
    • Encrypted remote replication: Data on TS-409U can be backed up to another QNAP NAS over the Internet securely.
  • UPS Support
  • Share Folder Management
  • One touch USB auto copy
  • Web File Manager
  • Network Recycle Bin
  • Built-in DDNS support

A multitude of protocols are available for sharing files across platforms: Samba, NFS, and AppleTalk. Let's look at some of the additional features of the TS-409U, such as the software services capable of being run from the unit.

  • File Server
    The principal purpose of file server is for data storage and sharing. Data security and access management are the major concerns of most users. TS-409U allows server manager to create user ID and password, and define the authority and quota for each user. Thus, personal data stored on TS-409U is well protected.
  • FTP Server
    You can set up your own FTP server by TS-409U, manage the access authority of the FTP server and share your files with your friends or customers easily in a few steps.
  • Encrypted Remote Replication
    Encrypted remote replication provides high level of data protection. Files can be backed up from TS-409U to other QNAP NAS in remote locations. Advanced options including data compression, block-level incremental backup, and data synchronization are supported to optimize the bandwidth and time for data backup.
  • Web Server with Built-in phpMyAdmin
    The NAS supports phpMyAdmin, Joomla!, MySQL and SQLite for you to create your web page. With the editable php.ini support, there is no need of going through all the hassles of setting up a web server. You can either develop programs by yourself or download a variety of open-sourced applications, such as online shops, forums, and blogs over the Internet.
  • MySQL Server
    TS-409U is the most affordable choice as a standalone database server for system integrators. It can be flexibly applied in various deployments such as a database server of another web server in remote site or as an additional backup database server to achieve system redundancy.
  • Printer Server
    You can share your printer device over the network by simply connecting USB printers to USB ports of the NAS and enabling the printer sharing function. 3 printers are supported at maximum.
  • iTunes and UPnP support
    Aside from being able to share files over the network and serve up multimedia files over the web, the TS-409U is also able share multimedia files to iTunes clients or appliances that are UPnP compliant such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, and Nokia N95.
  • DHCP Server
  • Download Manage
    A download manager is included with the TS-409U that allows for downloading files off the web via FTP, HTTP, or even BitTorrent.

Let's glance at the TS-409U's specifications before finally getting to installation.

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